A magnificent Torah Code was released yesterday by Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, via his YouTube Channel.  You can view his wonderfully succinct summary right here:


I was ecstatic when I saw the title.  Yeshua is right in the Axis Term.  This particular axis term, only appears once in the Torah– known to Jewish people as the first five books of the Bible, and commonly referred to as the Pentateuch by Christian scholars.  When this same axis term is searched throughout the entire Tanakh (Old Testament), it generates 28 different Bible Code tables.

Most Christians are aware that Jesus is referred to as Yeshua, and it is also the way that many secular Jews, Hebrew speaking non-Jews, and New Testament translations of the Bible refer to Jesus of Nazareth.  However, many non-Hebrew speaking Christians do not know that the name Yeshua also means Salvation or He will save.

Glazerson’s analysis of the axis term is straight forward.  Salvation of God.  After all, that’s what it says, but is that the only meaning of the axis term?  It is of my humble opinion that it means much more.

If we break the axis term down, we get:

ישוע   -Yeshua (Jesus)
ת   -The Letter Tav
יהוה   -YHWH (God)


When one realizes the significance of the Tav in this axis term, it takes on a whole different meaning.  In Hebrew, letters aren’t just letters.  They also represent numerical values, with each letter having a distinct meaning.  The letter Tav, is not only the last letter of the Aleph-Bet (Alphabet), but also represents the words:  Sign, Covenant, Seal, Mark and Cross.

Tav- Dr Michael Lake
Meaning of the Hebrew Tav.   Credit: Dr. Michael Lake,  http://www.biblical-life.com/downloads/oetpu_syllabus.pdf

When I see this axis term, I interpret it as Yeshua, Covenant of YHWH (God) and see the Tav as an illustration of the sacrificial cross where our Messiah had died, to take away the sins of any man or woman that believes on him.  The Tav in the axis term represents both a covenant and the cross that bridged the gap between YHWH and us.

Glazerson’s analysis was beautifully simple, by “The Salvation of God, [of] Israel, and by the Messiah, Son of Jesse,” we will be saved.  Glazerson later goes on to talk about the importance of repentance, the Torah (law), and keeping the commandments.  “Salvation comes if we listen to God.

In the matrix, Glazerson found an interesting passage in the plain text: Exodus 2:23-24. This is the story where the Hebrews were in Egypt, and were crying out to YHWH for their release from bondage. YHWH heard their cries, and remembered the covenant he had with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Glazerson likened the cries of Israel in that day, to the current cries of Israel and what Ishmael is doing to YHWH’s people.

Yes, YHWH will keep his covenant with the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but one important thing is missing here.  It isn’t just repentance that will save you.  This table speaks not only of Yeshua, but also has two amazing skips with a variation of the name of our Messiah…Yahushua.  These two terms run side by side in this table, with the term Is My Name in close proximity to both ends of our Messiah’s name.

Salvation of God Full - expanded

It is not coincidence that the Salvation of God/ Yeshua-Covenant of YHWH table has the words Messiah, Born of, Virgin, Miriam/Mary, Nazareth, Crucified, Nail and Iniquity; with the Aleph-Tav (Alpha Omega-Beginning and End) tucked into the word Crucified.

This table isn’t just about following the commandments of the Father, and repenting when we do not.  It is also about acknowledging the only way that we can be forgiven, through the precious blood that was shed by Yahushua of Nazareth for our sin.

With the number (5) being the number of grace, it’s easy to see that His Ten Commandments were temporary grace.  Grace doubled.  (5 X 2 = 10)  It was never intended to be the permanent solution for salvation.  Animal sacrifices are no longer necessary.   YHWH sent His Son as the ultimate sacrifice for our sin.  He was the Messiah.  He came first as the He Lamb, and He will return as the King!


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Matrix Terms List

-“Salvation of YHWH (God)” or “Yeshua, Covenant of YHWH“- (Axis Term, found by Rabbi M. Glazerson)
-“Israel“- (found by Glazerson)
-“Son of Jesse“- (found by Glazerson)
-Date for “2016″ on Creation Calendar (found and explained by Glazerson on his YouTube channel, matityahu glazerson)
-Date for “2018″ on Civic Calendar- (found by Glazerson)
-“Ishmael“- (found by Glazerson)
Salvation“- (found by Glazerson)
Repentance“- (found by Glazerson)

Other terms that I found…

-“Yahushua“- (variation of the name of Jesus)
-“Is My Name”  (found by Pickering)
-“Born of
-“Beginning and End” (see: http://www.biblical-life.com/downloads/oetpu_syllabus.pdf ; Dr. Michael Lake.)

John 3:16  King James Version (KJV)

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.



Keywords and skips

Does anyone notice a pattern here???