FACEBOOK:  Social Opium for a Digital Ghetto.  You are the experiment!

By:  Kara Pickering, PropheticTimelines
November 24, 2017

I recently joined FB (Facebook) in August, in hopes of being able to share the work that I do for the Lord.  I love the Word of the Lord, whether it be in the plain text of the Holy Script or by Bible Code matrices.  I have written many articles; from “Faith Based” issues, to Biblical Commentary and Bible Code articles, declaring the Glory of the Lord and shouting His magnificence from the mountaintops!

Shortly after I had joined the Facebook Community and was “friended” over night by literally thousands of people, I found that I was soon sucked in to correcting much of the extremely bad doctrine from self-professed prophets, and FB preachers that twist and abuse the Word of the Lord.  As they had no foundational proof of their erroneous doctrines,  I felt compelled to supply scriptural references in an effort to help the “newer sheep” that had blindly accepted the words of these aforementioned people as “gospel truth.”  I found this to be an extremely draining and daunting task.

The people who twisted scripture and posted lies (either knowingly or unknowingly), would often come up swinging, and were completely unable to back their claims with biblical citations, let alone practice any application of biblical hermeneutics and contextual exegesis.  If you dared to disagree with them or question their reasoning, they immediately went into attack mode, opposed to adult-like dialogue.

I watched in complete horror as it turned into a digital bloodbath for me and many of my beloved brothers and sisters.  It is truly a sign of the times, when we completely lack the ability to have civil dialogue and intellectual debate.  I affectionately call those who have a complete meltdown, when you commit the grievous sin of simply not agreeing with them:

Snowflake Christians.



I realized something quite profound while deliberating for an entire month on whether or not I was going to completely pull the plug on FB, or just not interact with any posts at all:  Facebook is truly a drug.

Facebook’s social media platform is highly addictive to billions of people. Many of my well-meaning brothers and sisters sent me messages, begging me not to go and said it was my duty not to leave my “post,” and that I must continue to let my light shine for the Lord– in the very dark digital world of FB.  Often I had felt guilty for having this pressing desire to go.  Ultimately, once I had realized that FB is Social Opium for a Digital Ghetto, it didn’t take me long to leave.

Sit and think about those words:

“FB is Social Opium for a Digital Ghetto.”



I am so glad that I listened to the Lord and unplugged from FB.  My stress completely melted away.  The oppressive chains fell to the floor.  We are led to believe that using Satan’s own media against him, is the best way to fight back.  The sad truth is that it only sucks the life out of you, and will rob any real joy from your life.  It strives to enslave you in addictive chains of bondage.

I will continue to let my light shine for the Lord, but it will be in the physical world.  That is where the battlefield truly lies! We shouldn’t stay behind the computer screen when the front-line is outside!

Often, the words of Yeshua (Jesus) run through my head: “Occupy until I come.”  And occupy, I shall do.  A good soldier stands their ground, and holds down the fort until their General gives them the orders to “Move out.” The battlefield is outside!  That is where we are truly needed, after we have warred on our knees in prayer.

The Great Commission,  Matthew 28:18-20:

18 And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

The early church did not just stay in one spot and argue with people.  They got out there and proclaimed the Word of the Lord!  I am hard pressed to imagine Peter or Paul sitting behind a smartphone or computer screen on FB, if these men were alive today.  They would be out and about in the physical world, getting the job done.

Am I saying I think it’s evil to use the computer to write, read, blog, vlog, or fellowship with others?  No.  The problem however, lies in the addictive nature of social media platforms,  including,  but not limited to FB. It truly is a drug, that yields a fallacious sense of belonging or acceptance, and supplies many people a false spiritual high– causing them to have very little time left over for the Lord.  The platform itself is almost worshiped, while the Lord Himself is shelved.

How much time do we spend  in prayer on average? Five, Ten, Thirty minutes a day?  An hour or two seems almost impossible to fit into our hectic schedules!  Yet, we are instructed in 1 Thess. 2:17, to pray without ceasing.

Did you know that the average person checks their phone over 120 times a day?  The bigger shocker is the amount of times we touch our smart device on a daily basis!

According to Network World, “We’re obsessed with our phones, a new study has found. The heaviest smartphone users click, tap or swipe on their phone 5,427 times a day, according to researcher Dscout.”  The article goes on to further state, “That’s the top 10 percent of phone users, so one would expect it to be excessive. However, the rest of us still touch the addictive things 2,617 times a day on average. No small number.”

Wow!  Did you see those staggering numbers? 

Many different sites say Social Media takes up almost 4 hours of the average persons day. (Source: https://hackernoon.com/how-much-time-do-people-spend-on-their-mobile-phones-in-2017-e5f90a0b10a6)

And here comes the tough question…  Who do you dedicate more time to?  Facebook or the Lord?  If your answer was Facebook, you may be an addict.


1  Thessalonians 5:17,  FBV (Facebook Version)

Pray, POST without ceasing.”


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