Wednesday, April 13, 2017- 12:24 a.m.

On April 12, 2017, Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, released a Torah Code Matrix on his מתתיהו גלזרסון YouTube Channel.

The table width was at an amazing  “ELS” of 5777!  ELS is an acronym for equidistant letter sequence, meaning the distance between the characters of a word in Torah/Bible Code.

Most people recognize the number 5777, as it corresponds with the Hebrew Civic Calendar for 2017.

Not only is the Matrix Width at the same skip as our current year on the Hebrew Civic Calendar, so are the words Shalom and the term for the year 5777.  The mathematical probabilities of this are staggering!

The terms encoded in Glazerson’s 5777 Peace Matrix are all located within the Torah, between the passages of Genesis 8 and Leviticus 6.

5777- 777 (2017), Peace,  Joy/Happiness, The Mashiach (Messiah), Son of Jesse, David, Repentance, Nibiru, 5776 (Creation Calendar-Adamic Era), Moses and Elijah.



I expanded on Glazerson’s Matrix, and found the name of our Messiah– Yeshua!

Expanded Terms List:

Behold Me
My Name Is
Yeshua (Jesus)
King (one perfectly centered within another)
Yahushua (variation of the name Jesus)
Aliyah (Hebrew term for immigration back to Israel)
Twelve Tribes
Season of
7 Years
Virgo/Virgin (running directly through the term Nibiru)
Gen 18:14- “…At that time appointed, I will return unto thee…”


5777 Peace- Glazerson-Expanded Matrix w-Annotations

(Rabbi Glazerson’s original table is displayed in the black character blocks.)


Be sure to check out this interview from 1996, with Yacov Rambsel on Bible Codes on the Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! YouTube Channel.


Praise be to Yeshua, or Messiah.  We await your triumphant return.



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