“By failing to plan, you plan to fail.”

Many people have warned that famine will be coming to America.  Why is it that very few people are heeding this warning and preparing?

The answer is simple.  American Christians just don’t want to believe that this great and prosperous nation,  could ever experience a great famine or judgment from YHWH (God).  They are duped into thinking that because President Donald J. Trump was voted in, the Father is now again smiling upon America, and turning a blind eye to her sin.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Having itching ears, these people heap up to themselves teachers that will tell them what they want to hear.  They only listen to those that preach prosperity and prophesy good years ahead for the United States of America.  These preachers and “prophets” do not preach of repentance.  If our nation does not repent for it’s prodigious mountain of collective sin, how can we expect to be spared?

“If God doesn’t punish America, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.”
-Ruth Graham


Recently, a 17 page letter written to Michael and Meranda Snyder,  was posted on http://www.whygodreallyexists.com. The author of the letter, Sonja Craighead, chronicled several visions given to her from the Father on various topics, ranging from praying for President Trump to incurable plagues that are coming to America.  The section of the letter that really resonated with me, was of the soon coming famine.

As I pondered the words I had just read, in my spirit I knew that it was true.  The visions given to Ms. Craighead, and many other men and women of faith, such as: David Wilkerson, Heidi Baker, John Paul Jackson, and Jim Bakker inspired the search for “American Famine” in the Bible Codes.  If an American famine is truly going to come to pass, then surely it would be encoded.

Sadly, it is encoded… and the contents of the Bible Code Matrix are very sobering. 

An Excerpt from Meranda Snyder’s notes, on the Sonja Craighead letter:

Link to original article:  http://whygodreallyexists.com/archives/a-very-detailed-prophetic-vision-of-severe-judgement-for-america-shocking-sonja-craighead


Page 9 “God has told me to warn his people living in the US that famine, both of the word of God, and a famine of not enough to eat, is surely coming soon to America and it’s going to be severe.

He also showed me that much of the food that Americans will have in the near future will not be safe to eat for more than one reason. 

In a vision from the Lord, I saw food that were beautiful to look at but unsafe to consume.”-Sonja Craighead 


  • “Everyone there was panic stricken, but there was so much food … It looked like Black Friday shopping, except with food” Katie Troutman
  • Vision Of Food Lines In America In Cold Winter –Nancy
  • “In this dream, this new religious system will present “church” to the people, but it won’t contain anything of substance.  The word won’t be researched, or even presented. ”  Kim Weir
  • Kim Weir also saw something that had to do with food looking wonderful, but was toxic to eat.
  • “People were growing food in their homes/basements because it was not safe to do so outside, not sure why. Perhaps the food could be stolen or poisoned?”  Michelle Walcott
  • “The threat of major food shortage in the United States will cause a wave of hoarding. Flour, dried foods, sugar, rice, beans, and canned foods will skyrocket in price. Supermarket shelves will be emptied of staple items. The price of dried foods will eventually quadruple. People will be prepared to kill in defense of their hoarded food supplies.” David Wilkerson
  • Cannibalism “Max woke me up and stated he had a dream about a famine, people starving to death. He said he was in New York City and there had been a terror attack that has messed up how everyone lived their lives and people could not get food. He said people were angry and started “tearing things and people apart”. He said there was a disease that was passed through regular looking house flies. He said these flies started to bite people and then their flesh would start to rot in that area.”13 Year Old Max



“I saw a recalls for Foods in multiple categories for multiple reasons.  There will be confusion on which foods are safe and which foods are unsafe to eat since looking at the food they all looked safe.  

Some areas in the US will have little food at all.  God took me in the spirit above several states in the United States and I saw crop devastations.  In Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas I saw Grasshoppers and then and another insect  (I do not know what what kind of other insect I was unfamiliar with it ) eating the heads kernels wheat and barley off of the bear stocks, devouring the entirety of the wheat and barley harvest.  It happened just before Harvest, leaving only a short stubble

I saw weevils eating alfalfa hay throughout Colorado and Texas down to the ground .

I saw in the Midwest states of Iowa, Ohio and parts of Missouri, corn standing in mud and water being ruined by flooding with rot and mold in it on the corn ears.

I saw freezes and frost in Georgia and Florida damaging most of their fruit Citrus crops

In California I saw even more severe drought conditions the ground was actually cracking and breaking to the point that many farmers didn’t bother even to plant new vegetable crops knowing that they hadn’t enough irrigation water to bring their crops to harvest

God showed me trouble and transporting food and wasn’t able to be trucked around the US as it should have been.  

People were in a state of panic.  Many people were stealing what food they could find.  People began hoarding and hiding food. Many people were stealing food from their neighbors strangers and even their own family members just to find something to eat. I saw these things happening during each crops growing cycle for a period of 2 years. The losses were so intense and there were severe shortages.  After two years America was in a very severe famine.  When this 2 year period  of crop failures and shortages begins how long will the severe famine last?

I wasn’t showing exactly the length of time but the actual severe famine where all of the food was extremely scarce, was longer than a year.  Many people in America will starve during the time of the severe famine.  

God showed me a lack of clean water to drink will also be a serious issue that will cause diseases that were once eradicated in the United States and thought to be a thing of the past but will surface again in America

Rich poor and the middle class will all be affected.  Every state in the u.s. will be affected.  Our children and grandchildren will suffer. 

This was very hard for me to look at but the Lord wanted to show me the suffering and the dying children so that I can warn their parents and grandparents to repent seek the Lord and drop those to him for his protection and his instruction of how to prepare your households.

The Judgment of God that he showed me that is coming to America is horrifying and it is beyond what our country or its people have ever experienced.  The Lord showed me people will be walking almost in a daze and shock because they’re so traumatized.  I remember seeing on TV back on 9/11 the expressions of the people in New York City by the twin towers and noticing their facial expressions of trauma and shock.  The Lord has been showing me many people will be walking along roads and highways with that same expression of daze traumatization and shock. The people that I saw walking were all types of clothing and they were walking together. They were very well dressed people sense of business attire and suits walking beside people with old inexpensive clothing that was dirty with frays and holes in their clothes. Whatever the reason was I was not shown but they were walking together and both large and small groups and they were dressed very differently.

My understanding is that there was an event or multiple events that did not allow people to go home and they had to band together to try to walk away from the event to try to find safety away from their homes and away from their jobs.”
-Sonja Craighead


  • “In the first vision I saw a nuclear attack on a coastal U.S. city.”  Jason Lawrence
  • ” I don’t know what city it was, but I knew I was looking north up the eastern coast line. I saw a city destroyed, ” Dean Odle
  • “Trials by the fire! Oh, great and terrible trails by the fires of persecution, starvation, wars, and deprivations of every kind! Harsh! Severe! Nuclear destruction! Poisoned food! Harsh! Severe! “ Linda Newkirk
  • ” Critical money problems will strike large and small cities alike. America’s Queen City, New York City, will declare bankruptcy. Newark, New Jersey, and surrounding metropolitan areas will follow into bankruptcy.”  David Wilkerson


“Many will be homeless with nowhere to go and will be just walking hoping to find food water and shelter.  The Lord showed me that many people in America in the future will be affected by trauma and shock and simply be incapable of understanding what is happening .  I heard cries screams and whimpering at people so overwhelmed and frightened they were simply frozen and be unable to function.  It will not be just one event, it will be multiple events including weather extremes in multiple areas, natural disasters,  many fires from lightning accidents,  natural disasters and arson.

I saw cities throughout the US on Fire.  I saw many areas and resorts in the Rocky Mountains especially Colorado on fire.” -Sonja Craighead


  • ” There will be riots and fires in cities worldwide. There will be looting — including Times Square, New York City.” David Wilkerson
  • ” The aftermath of it all is an outbreak of raping, murdering, and burning. (There will be one thousand fires burning in NYC.) The entire nation will tremble with economic and social upheaval.” David Wilkerson
  • “In this video a dream was given where fireballs were raining down on people.  He kept hearing the word “Albuquerque”” Dan Shelley
  • “will suffer natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods and fire, and enemy attack” Nita Johnson


“I saw extreme poverty crime fear violence and unrest like our nation has never seen before. The riots looting and theft that we have seen in the past on TV news will see mile to what will be in the future.  People will feel like they have nothing to lose because they’re so desperate scared hungry and angry. Anger rage violence and fear will be throughout our country.  The viciousness and violence of mobs  of people that I saw is hard for me to put even put into words. It was like they had no conscience.  It was like a wounded, wild, animalistic behavior.  It will be unsafe both in American cities as well as our picturesque countryside’s.

There will be giant holes torn into Earth. I don’t know if they were caused by earthquakes or sinkholes, or something else, but I saw great holes in the Earth’s crust throughout the US.

Martial law will be put into effect and Chaos will be throughout our nation.”
-Sonja Craighead


  • Welfare Checks Will Stop. Protestors Start Burning Cities. Civil Rights Are Gone! Remain Silent, Attorney, Innocent Until Proven Guilty, Charged or Released in 48 Hrs. Local Militias Fire Back. Gun Confiscation Ordered. America Is Disarmed. The Military Will Fill Our Streets Full of Blood. Pastor Masih
  • “I saw cities on fire from civil unrest and then I saw martial law, and then the most disturbing thing was I saw pastors drag out in the streets like the dictators of the Arab spring where they would drag out in the streets like the dictators of the Arab spring were drag out the men ad blood on there face and people were screaming “kill them”. And there was a split in the church.  There was an government control church that had totally false doctrine then there was one in the small homes of America but meet in secret.  Some one had to be on guard all the time.  Then I saw people lined up for miles for food.” Jason Lawrence


“Even those who are rooted in scripture and following close to our Savior will be dramatically affected by events. Our nation’s elderly, well, children, handicapped will suffer greatly.

The weather elements will be extreme throughout the United States. The cold weather will be colder than normal. The hot weather will be dangerously hot. Record wins, tornadoes, rains and flooding, and record hell will affects not only our safety, but will dramatically affect our crops and livestock.” -Sonja Craighead


  • Then I saw people standing in a bread line during winter. It was very cold and they were blowing on their fingers which were sticking out of gloves that did not cover the finger tips. Nancy
  • ” Little winter snow but intense cold and little heat in most American homes”  Chuck Youngbrandt
  • ” Heat is unbearable. No rain. Multitudes curse God but those touched by love of Christ will repent and God will spare them.”  Chuck Youngbrandt
  • “In some places too much snow–in others none. Severe winds add to cold.”  Chuck Youngbrandt
  • “Chicago temperatures minus 40 degrees to minus 46 degrees below zero during coldest temperatures of winter. Upwards of 80% of homes in area will be without heat after a month of intense cold. Many will freeze to death. With little food, intense cold and fear everywhere, life will be intolerable to those who do not know Jesus.” Chuck Youngbrandt


“The record wild weather will occur from coast to coast, and from north to south. I saw mountains of mudslides taking out homes, everything in its path.

I saw all types of weather, during the different seasons of the year. All these weather catastrophes were physically difficult to live under the harsh conditions that we were not used to. I saw an area of the South or Southwest (I think Arizona) where the heat was so extreme it was dangerous and there was no air conditioning. People were suffering greatly with heat exhaustion, heart attacks, strokes.

I have I have been shown that Oklahoma will be shaken increasingly in the future by earthquakes.

Geographical areas in the United States that were once considered very safe picturesque Middle America will no longer be safe from the extreme elements and unpredictable weather. Weather elements will be painful to our bodies, and the extreme weather will be something that will affect every American.

People’s bodies will hurt due to the extremes and weather. The summer sun will feel hotter. I saw skin damages to people and an increase in skin cancer in the American population. The Winter Wind will sting our skin. Many people will freeze to death in terrible surprise winter storms. Many people will die due to extremely harsh weather and the elements. Much livestock will lay dead due to extremes in our weather. I saw a cattle in North and South Dakota and Nebraska lying dead in pastures from violent storms.

Pets will become burden as we have trouble feeding and caring for ourselves, and we will not have the extra resources to care for our pets. Many American pets will die, by starvation, but some will be eaten by their owners, due to the dire coming famine.

God is instructing me to warn that in the near future, hardware & Supply items will be hard and sometimes impossible to obtain. If your home needs repairs from the elements, do not put off those repairs. Sleeping bags, clothing, thing to protect your bodies from the elements will be good to have now, and not to wait until his judgments hit, or these items may not be available to purchase.

Whether you live in the city or the country side, clean water will be a must. What impressed on me more than once to warn his people to invest in a water purification system that is both usable in your home and portable to take with you.”
-Sonja Craighead


Meranda Devan
Meranda Devan

Original article featured at: http://www.whygodreallyexists.com
Author:  Meranda Devan

To read the rest of Sonja Craighead’s letter to Michael and Meranda Snyder click here:  https://www.scribd.com/document/340743663/A-Very-Detailed-Prophetic-Vision-Of-Severe-Judgement-For-America-Shocking-Sonja-Craighead


This is what James Bailey of http://www.z3news.com had to say about the coming Famine and Death in America.

Famine and Death Are Coming to America

famineFamine and death are not the will of God for America. He has a much better plan. However, His will is not always done on earth. If it was, Jesus would not have taught us to pray, “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10).

God’s voice has been almost totally silenced in our schools, our government, our news media, our public lands, our shopping malls, and even in our churches. He has not rejected us, but we have rejected Him. So we should not be surprised when His hand of protection and provision is removed from our land.

Jesus warned us the end times would be marked by specific events that would be signs letting us know the great day of the Lord is drawing near. He said these events would come upon the earth like birth pangs, meaning they would come with great intensity for a season then they would go away only to return again with greater intensity. One of those events is famine (Matthew 24:7).

Severe famines have already come in many parts of the earth, but not in America. For that reason, many Americans don’t believe it could ever happen here. However, many of God’s people are now seeing and hearing warnings from the Lord regarding a great famine coming to America, followed by death for many people. As bad as that sounds, it is better to hear it now than to get blind-sided by it later. At least we have time now to repent and get right with God. That is our best hope for this life and the next.

The following are several warnings about famine and death coming to America. The first one is a vision I received about two months ago.

During my prayer time, I saw a vision of a man standing in front of me. I saw his bare back. He was so thin I could see all of his ribs. As I watched he turned into a skeleton. I believe the interpretation is a warning of famine coming, which will be followed by death for many people.

In April 2011, prophetic minister Terry Bennett had the following vision encounter.

I was also warned, by the appearing of the black horse and its rider, about famine. The angel said, “There will be a famine of food in your nation!” Not only this, but also the prices of food, particularly grains, will dramatically rise. We will see not only shortages and high prices, but I was shown significant starvation occurring during this time. Death followed this black horse!

Prophetic minister John Paul Jackson was shown many different news headlines from the future. Among them he saw the following headlines:

Drought Continues to Cause Prayer to Rise

Record High Temps Accompany Record Drought-Swept South

Demand for Classic Seeds Skyrockets

Food Prices Lead Nation’s Escalating Inflation Woes

Sysco and Kraft Consider Guards on Delivery Trucks as Food Nears 40% of the Family Budget

Although the situation sounds bleak, it is not hopeless because we have a solution available. We can turn to the Lord concerning the problems facing our country. That is the only solution that will work. We must return to the Lord by repenting of everything that has come between Him and us. I believe our problems will continue to get worse until we repent. However, those who repent will receive His loving presence and His promises of protection and provision.

Believers do not have to be victims of the failed systems of this world. God’s plan is for His people to be over-comers in this life.

In all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us. (Romans 8:37)

James Bailey

Author: James Bailey

James Bailey is an author, business owner, husband and father of two children. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media outlets.

Original Post:
For more intriguing posts from James Bailey, visit:  https://z3news.com/w/

American Famine Matrix


Matrix Terms List:

American Famine, Drugs, Gluttony, Abortion, Worshipers, of Baal, Divination, Sodomites, They Did Not Listen, To Watchmen

Death from, In Form of, Poisoned, Food, Poisoned, Air, Poisoned, Bitter, Water

Volcanic, Ash Cloud, Poisoned, Air

By Drought, Radiation, HAARP, 2017 (On Creation Calendar)

Poisoned, Food,  Pork, Poultry, Fish, Beef, Fruit


Weevil, Grasshopper, Locust, Destroyed, Crop

Flood, Earth/Soil, Destroyed, Crop

New, Madrid, Earth, Quake

Two heartbreaking phrases intersect in this table:  “They Did Not Listen,” “To Watchmen.”  Please heed the warnings the Father is giving us.

Repent and Prepare


Please note:  Although 2017 is reflected in this table, it does not necessarily imply that all of these events will take place this year.  Nor is the author of this article, or people quoted therein setting dates.  Time will tell as to when these events will occur. 

However, it is the opinion of this author, that you still need to to prepare both spiritually and physically.  We do not know when these events will happen.  Do not bury your head in the sand. Practice due diligence, make preparations for yourself and your family, ahead of these future events.


Life Insurance You Can Eat

Survival Food Suppliers/Retailer Websites:

Or if you are like most people, and money is really tight:

  • Purchase, a little extra food each time you grocery shop.  Your “store house” will fill up quick.
    • 10-20 lb. bags of Rice
    • instant potato flakes, instant milk
    • canned fruits and vegetables
    • bottled water,  (purchasing a water purification system is best)


  • Grow your own garden.  Dehydrate and can your own food.


Purchase a Gravity Fed, Water Purification System.  Surprisingly, they are not that expensive.  Most come with filters that not only remove: pathogenic bacteria and cysts, pesticides, herbicides, chloramines (ammonia with chlorine), hydrofluorosilicic acid (fluoride), sodium hexa fluorosilicate and glyosate, but some also remove radioactive isotopes.


Again, “By failing to plan, you plan to fail.”



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