Our Father is truly amazing!  One can’t help but be in awe of His handiwork, when they look at the sky at night,  scale a gigantic mountain, or examine the world through the lens of a microscope.  There is so much to discover about our creator.

Much that was understood about Him and our universe back in antiquity, has been lost over time.  Many great minds, (far more intelligent than I), have sought to regain these ancient insights and dedicated their entire life’s work for this cause.

I would like to invite you on the journey I am presently on, to discover the ever elusive, prisca sapientia (ancient wisdom), and prophetic timelines that may be linked together.  David Flynn brought this concept to the Christian Community, with his book: Temple at the Center of Time. I am also searching  the various coding He has marked, on both His creation and the Bible.

God has purposely left His fingerprint on His creation, like a fine artist would on his masterful painting.  It is my passion to discover more about who He is, by exploring His creation and His word.  To Him be all glory and honor and praise!!!