August 12, 2017 By: Kara Pickering of Prophetic Timelines,

Dave Hodges of the “Common Sense Show,” reported today that Ed Petroski of Kansas had contacted him, regarding a strange set of messages from the Emergency Broadcast System.

Mr. Petroski stated, that the emergency systems in his area of Pratt, Kansas spontaneously “went off” five times, on August 11, 2017.

Hodges summed up the message that he received from Petroski, stating that many “electronic disturbances” and “anomalies [are] going on” in that area, including spontaneous ringing of cell phones.

The Host of the “Common Sense Show” shared his thoughts, “It’s either The North Koreans messing with the communications system, or we are rehearsing with our own system–and these are dry runs.”

A seemingly natural question is why?  And why is FEMA engaging in a massive “BLACK SKY EVENT” emergency drill in eleven more days?  Just exactly what are they preparing for?  Leave your thoughts and comments below.