I wrote my first post on this subject back on May 11, 2016.  Here is a link to the short YouTube Video released on July 22, 2017; of the trajectory of the American Solar Eclipse of 2017 matching the Missouri Gravity Low.

Most people however are not familiar with the 5776/5777 Time=Distance Phenomenon that also matches the Eclipse and Missouri Gravity Low.  Note the eerie similarities below.

6614.68 World Radius Map from the Temple Mount
The 5776-5777 TIME=DISTANCE Line Phenomenon, as it relates to distance from Temple Mount, set on a radius map tool. This line crosses the New Madrid, Yellowstone, Cascadia Subduction Zone, and then continues to track down the western edge of the Ring of Fire.


To understand this phenomenon, it is very important to read the May 11, 2016 article, that examines this TIME=DISTANCE relationship to the Temple Mount, how it occurred previously in history, and how it could happen again:  Temple Mount Connected to New Madrid, Yellowstone and Cascadia Subduction Zone


Small snippet from the Article:

Page 48-  The David Flynn Collection/Temple at the Center of Time

“The measure of distance away from Jerusalem in this text implies a spiritual significance.  A relationship between Jerusalem and the nations has existed from the foundation of the temple, but has not been completely perceived –and could not be until the conventions of modern science.

If a measurement is arced from the point of the temple of Jerusalem’s foundation stone, to the palace of Balthazar, the political center of Babylon, and the exact location the writing on the wall occurred, the distance should relate to the pivotal period that city most influenced Jerusalem.  According to current knowledge, such a relationship exists, and is the distance of 539.86 statute miles.

According to the Babylonian Chronicles, Babylon fell to the Medes and the Persians on the sixteenth day of Tishri of the Jewish calendar, which is also October 12, 539 BC.

Modern satellite measurements between the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the center of ancient Babylon correspond perfectly to the year and month of Babylon’s fall. (emphasis mine)

…… The prisca sapientia relationship in the year of Babylon’s fall and the distance between Babylon and Jerusalem is recorded in statute miles.  However, this is not the only linear value that expresses this phenomenon.  The nautical mile can also be used to establish significant prophetic and time based results.”


So back up the train…….This nation’s “fall” in 539 BC, just so happened to be the same distance in statute miles from the Temple Mount?  Did this phenomenon happen more than once? Can it happen to nations that have a positive effect on Israel? According to Flynn, yes, yes and yes.   for more…