“Judgment To Hit Hard! Shocking Prophecy About France May Come To Pass As 2 Dozen Countries Come Together December 21st For Israeli Land Divide.”

I must admit,  after I read this article, I was skeptical…Extremely skeptical.

There are so many people out there, claiming to have received “divine revelation” from the Father. Many of these are False Prophets, with their words never coming to pass.  I believe that is Satan’s attempt to discredit, the Kingdom of Heaven…..Where people will get so tired of hearing falsehoods, that they will not heed the warning, from those who have truly heard from the Father.

As a Codesearcher Apprentice,  I desire truth. Truth that can only be offered through the Father and His “Word.” If this prophecy was true, it would surely be in the Bible Codes.

I fired up my Codesearching Software and got to work.

I sat and prayed to the Father for His guidance.  I thought about the article.  From a Codesearching standpoint…what “word-set” from the article, seemed the most improbable to show up in a Matrix?

What word or group of words, would be almost mathematically impossible?

“Omer, France”

“עמרצרפת”-Omer, France became my access term.  I didn’t even bother to separate them.  If this prophecy was true…. then all (7) letters would be there…….as statistically impossible as it was.

As I heard the computer humming and ticking, seemingly taking forever to run it’s search, I remember thinking…..

                                                    “This is stupid.”

          “Why am I wasting my time?”

                             “Why is this computer taking it’s sweet-old-time?”

                                    “You can’t possibly expect that to be in there.”

“Do you really even believe what this person is claiming is true anyhow?”


And then it happened….. The statistically impossible Axis Term, showed (5) potential matrices!  I was very surprised, but still skeptical…..

I picked the smallest skip there was…418….The absolute least likely to produce more code.  Then inputted some secondary terms:



They Apportion (Divide)

My Land


Kislev (December on the Civic Calendar for 2016)

All of them showed in the Matrix!

I couldn’t believe it………. my head was whirling inside.  Could it really be true?

Still skeptical….. I picked another Matrix.  Skip: 9607

Just like before, I inputted the secondary terms…..

To my astonishment,  it was all there.  Everything the woman in the article  had claimed……..AND MORE!



Check out these terms in the Matrix:

Omer, France: Peace Agreement Matrix

Skip: 9607           Search Area: Num. 32:17 to 1 Sam. 29:4

Axis Term: Omer, France: עמרצרפת

Term List

עמר צרפת- “Omer, France” (DIIH, with ISA confirming “Omer,” Str. #H6016)

ישראל- “Israel”

חלקו- “They Apportion (Divide)” (ISA2: Joel 3:2- Str. #2505)

ארצי- “Land of Me” (ISA2: Joel 3:2-Str. #H776)

כסלו- “Kislev” (Hebrew month on Civil Calendar for December 2016) -source: www.aish.com

אובמה- “Obama” (Glazerson YouTube Archives, DIIH)

הסכמ- “Contract, Convention, Accord, Treaty, Agreement” (K2TB, DIIH)

השלום- “The Peace” (DIIH, ISA2: Str. #H7965)

אמנה- “Entente, Convention, Treaty” (DIIH, K2TB)

נתניהו- “Netanyahu” (DIIH, Google)

לכוד- “Trapped” (K2TB, DIIH)

שביט- “Comet” (DIIH, K2TB)

דין- “Judgment/Adjudication” (K2TB, DIIH, ISA2: Str. #H1779)

מהדי- “Mahdi” (DIIH)

בהמה- “Beast” (K2TB, DIIH, ISA2: Str. #H929)

הבהמה- “The Beast” (ISA2: Str. #H929)

גלוי- “Unmasked, Revealed, Unconcealed” (DIIH, K2TB)

מגלה- “To Reveal, to Discover” (DIIH, K2TB)

איש- “Man of” (DIIH, ISA2: Str. #H376, Gen.9:20)

חרמי- “Doom of Me/Destruction-(implied Perdition) (see: 1 Kings 20:42, Str.#H2764 compared to #G684)

שקרי- “False/Fraudulent” (DIIH, ISA2: root word- שקר, Str. #H8267)

משיח- “Messiah” (DIIH, K2TB)

האו ם- “The UN” (DIIH)-shortened version

Source Acronyms:

“DIIH”- www.doitinhebrew.com

“K2TB”- Keys to the Bible Program

“ISA2”- Interlinear Scripture Analyzer2


Omer France Peace Agreement, Winter Solstice Section
This is the Winter Solstice section of the Omer, France Bible Code. Everyone said that the meetings were to be cancelled. This code proves that the Father knew otherwise.


I’m not saying that this has to happen.  I’m just letting you know that it is encoded.

Brothers and Sisters, pray for Israel!  Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.  We certainly live in unparalleled times!

What does the Bible say about Dividing YHWH’s land?

“…I shall gather all gentiles, and bring them down to the Valley of Yehoshaphat. And I shall enter into judgment with them there for My people, My inheritance Yisra’ĕl, whom they have scattered among the gentiles, and they have divided up My land.” -Joel 3:2

Here is a link to the article, that inspired the search.  I encourage you to read it for yourself! 



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